Four Steps to Update and Streamline your Onboarding Process

Long term impact on new hires can start on day one of your onboarding program. Because over three-quarters of the workforce consist of millennials, and their retention hovers around the three-year mark, you’ll want to make sure your programs speak to their generation. Start off strong with a streamlined process. Make the extra effort to personalize it, and that effort will go a long way.

Millennials are the first generation thrust into technological connection from birth. Structured onboarding process by means of the most current up-to-date software will help your new hires understand how your company works, and should begin before they even land the interview.

An online interface should not skimp on training and step-by-step processes. In fact, it requires time, detail-oriented set-up, and execution, but simplifies the hiring and training process by combining them into one program—an HR manager’s dream come true.

Here are four thoughts on how to update your onboarding with great software and personalization:

Befriend Technology: Nothing is more frustrating for a new hire than being handed a W4, I9, non-compete clauses, and stacks of other human resources forms on the first day. TempWorks HR Center offers managers a way to bypass this with the ability to create forms for background checks, W4, and I9 pages from the back end and make them available to new hires. Easy peasy! Just wake up and log on! New hires fill out one form at a time, and return forms with digitized signatures—all from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Standardization: Following the same essential steps will help keep you moving smoothly through your onboarding process. Having the solid base of reliable HR software is key, creating a checklist that gives your managers guidelines and new hires the ability to look back on their process, track their process, and complete onboarding forms and training on time. Gone are the days of one software program where HR managers do all the heavy lifting of entering data from paper forms into one backend office program. With the TempWorks Staffing Software, companies have one answer to hiring, training, and tracking their employees. This give managers more casual and welcoming one-on-one time than if they have to manage stacks of information.

Flexibility: We all covet the ability to move easily with the changes of a workplace, adaptability is a great asset for employees, and having that same ease with customizable software is the biggest asset to effective streamlining. The better software you have the easier your life will be. The backend employee profile automatically created during the application process gives a manager enough personal information to make onboarding very specific to each employee, and curate trainings that take in account each new hire’s strengths and weaknesses.

Checking in: “Communication is king,” according to an article on discussing the topic of employee retention. This is especially important during the onboarding and training process. Streamlining is major, having HR paper work online is huge, but going that extra mile to check in with new hires through their first year is key to their success as an employee and as a team member who feels that their unique set of skills is recognized and utilized in the workplace.