TempWorks – The right software when need it

Finding the right staffing software for your organization can be a daunting task. Especially when you need to find a solution that not only manages front and back office support, but is easy to use, paperless, and enables self-service.

That’s where TempWorks software comes in. Whether it’s resume parsing, job order creation, payroll, invoicing, or accounts receivable, we provide your organization with a one-stop-shop for all your staffing software needs.

Check out what clients are saying about TempWorks software:

When we switched to TempWorks, we eliminated dual entry, and it has helped us build relationships with customers through features such as reminders. The feature reminds us about birthdays, anniversaries, future needs, etc.—even down to adding our clients’ dog names into reminders. This helps us strengthen relationships and build partnerships.
-Jill Arldt, Vice President at Friday Staffing

TempWorks Software has allowed us to increase our client roster because we now offer online time keeping and an integrated customer portal. Our clients are also more satisfied because the software has streamlined our process, allowing us to fill orders faster and more efficiently than ever before. The technology has also allowed our company to go completely paperless—a huge savings for us and the environment.
-Sara Luchsinger, CSP Vice President of Operations at SEEK Careers/Staffing

I have been a customer of TempWorks for approximately seven years. I find them exceptional. The software provides all the elements I need to manage, at a glance, my company—from my financial standing to maintaining employee detailed files. Their payroll services are prompt and accurate, and their staff is always available and professional. You can’t go wrong with TempWorks; we consider them our Partners in Progress!
-Bill H.

The key factors for our company increase are obviously experience, hiring the right internal employees and TempWorks. When we started with TempWorks, everything we did was manual. We had very few procedures because we were just too small. Our annual sales in 2010, the year I started JTL, was $1.2 million, that number increased to $4.2 million in 2014, and this year we are projected to hit $8.5 million — a huge increase! TempWorks has not only streamlined our processes, but it has been a key factor in enabling us to grow.
-James Lowdell, founder and CTO of JTL Solutions

I know I don’t own the complete success of having reached these awards on my own; I thank my internal staff and my TempWorks family. It took TempWorks’ help with funding solutions to begin my dream that has flourished year after year. When I started my business, TempWorks was the only vendor who was willing to take a chance on helping me to achieve my dream, providing front and back office software, invoicing and payroll solutions, and funding support.
-Robin Fischer, president and CEO of Action Staffing Solutions

For more information on TempWorks and our staffing software solutions, please contact us at 651-452-0366 or fill out the contact form.